Learn Tuvan Khöömei

              The Ancient Art of Singing Two Notes at the Same Time

In this 4-week on-demand course you will discover how to:

  • Sing two notes at the same time by learning the basics of the 3 main styles of Tuvan Throatsinging: Khöömei, Sygyt, and Kargyraa
  • Amplify the overtones produced by your natural voice to create uniquely rich and beautiful musical textures that are sure to entrance and amaze your listeners
  • Experience the meditative effects of creating a deep, resonant vibration within yourself that is believed to have multiple benefits for your body, mind and spirit

No prior singing or musical experience needed!  Anyone can learn to do this!

Benefits of Learning Khöömei

  • Gain a unique and rare skill that is sure to fascinate and amaze
  • Participate in an ancient artform that has been preserved for thousands of years
  • Instill a meditative sense of inner peace and well-being within both the singer and the listener
  • It’s fun and it feels good!

Why Choose This Course?

Hi! I’m Greg and I’m a lifelong musician with a special interest in Tuvan music. I have studied under several world class Tuvan musicians of the highest caliber, including members of Hüün-Hüür-Tu, Chirgilchin, Alash Ensemble (pictured) and The Tuvan National Orchestra.

I also have professional expertise in adult learning and modern instructional design, so I know how to create learning experiences that are efficient, effective and engaging.

What You Will Recieve

Statue of Kongar-ool Ondar



  • A suite of on-demand micro-learning videos containing key background info, best practices and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions on how to sing khöömei the right way Includes the following topics and more:
      • What overtone singing is and how it works
      • How to sing khöömei, sygyt and kargyraa
      • Key facts about Tuvan history and culture
      • Other styles of khöömei
      • Tuvan instruments
      • Tuvan artists to know
      • Health and wellness benefits of overtone singing
  • A course handbook with practice activities, key reminders and tips & tricks to guide your practice, help you learn quickly and sound your best:
      • Curated playlist of the best Tuvan music available
      • Summary of key points from each lesson
      • Explanation of practice activities
      • Links to other resources to go deeper and learn more

Ready To Get Started?

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